Finding the right large chandelier

What size large chandelier should I use in the residence.

It is always difficult to decide what size of large chandelier expected to be used in a property. This is a most important task as this lighting will normally be there for many years into the future and probably for generations. You can perform an initial calculation to get a starting point for the size of the large chandeliers The thing to do is to find out the length and width of the zone measured in feet and then to perform the simple calculation of adding them together and the answer is the diameter in inches of the large chandelier. Whilst this is just a rough indication it does prove useful to have an initial size. It is also crucial to take into account the height of the room. This has a major impact together with the amount of wall lights and soft furnishings. It is quite clear then that if the ceilings are low and there are wall lights fitted then the central crystal chandelier can be smaller.

What kind of large chandelier should you select?.

With such a wide range of large chandelier on the market it is important that you look at the choices and make the right choice. A large chandelier can be acquired in a number of styles for example ornate metal, traditional, glass arm and cascading crystal chain. A good choice for a hallway with a high ornate ceiling certainly would be a traditional glass arm with several levels and say 12 bulbs at the base level 8 in the middle and 6 at the top, or alternatively you could select a large traditional basket chandelier.
Taking another example which is the long tall gap in a stairway rising up several levels or the central area in a spiral staircase then it is crucial to have a light which spans several storey but has a small diameter. In this case then you could choose a 15 foot cascading waterfall design which has crystal trimmings in overlapping rows down the entire height producing a fabulous sparkling effect.
Another important matter is the amount of crystals the chandelier is dressed with because if you have antique style brass arm large chandelier then it is always best to dress them with just a few prize lead crystals. The other tangent is to have a large glass armed fixture which has a multitude of hanging crystal pendants and chains which produces a wonderful array of glistening sparkle assuming of course that this is appropriate for your interior design theme.

Hanging large chandelier

When fitting large chandelier not only is it important to make the mounting strong but also cleaning and bulb changing needs consideration. From the point of view of making a secure fitment the most important aspects are to use a string hook and also to mount the hook firmly to adequate ceiling joists. Fitting a chandelier winch is the correct solution for maintenance if your crystal chandelier is not in an easily accessible place.


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